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Can you handle sales tax?

you can!

We make sales tax analysis faster, simpler and more affordable for small to medium businesses and CPA firms.

Do You Have These Sales Tax Concerns?

Does SUT compliance cause unnecessary stress?

Ensuring you are compliant with SUT regulations can be complex and a difficult process. Understanding sales tax rates, your specific requirements, and the due dates applicable to your business can result in you spending hours running numbers and researching solutions.

Has your workload increased with the new Nexus laws?

New Nexus laws have increased the workload on many small to medium-sized businesses. You’re now required to complete more registrations, resulting in more tax calculations, more returns to prepare and file, and more potential auditing opportunities we’re sure you’d like to avoid.

Are you a CPA and want to simplify your processes?

With the increasing need of small to medium sized business requiring assistance when it comes to sales tax compliance, this is a great opportunity for CPA firms to increase their capacity to provide their clients with expert advice.

How can OYA help?

OYA provides you with the sales tax compliance tools required to be efficient in keeping up to date with your commitments whether you are completing your own tax as a small or medium-sized business or for scalable solutions for your clients if you are a CPA firm.

Sales Tax Compliance Starts Here

Nexus Tracker 

Learn where and why you should be collecting and remitting state sales tax

Investment: $150 per report

Tax Tally 

Confirm that the right amount of tax is being collected and remitted for each transaction

Investment: $50 per report

Marketplace Monitor

Verify that your marketplaces are complying with the latest state-by-state sales tax rules

Investment: $25 per report

Our Values

 Knowledgeable: we know all things sales tax so our clients can rely on us to help make the best decisions for their business.

 Whimsical: the business of sales tax is serious, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a little more fun, with a wink and a nudge.

 Friendly: we ensure we are warm, professional, authentic and approachable in all our communication and dealings with our clients. We aim to be your trusted advisor and friend.

 Understanding: you’re looking for help and we want to ensure you feel supported and heard like a partner, not an impersonal transaction..

 Transparent: with partnership as our focus, we simplify complexity, challenge status quo and embrace feedback to improve and grow.

 Scrappy: we use our experience and drive as fuel while efficiently and effectively achieving our goals.

 Nimble: we understand the impact of external changes quickly while leveraging innovative thinking to adjust.

 Deliberate: we create smart, specific strategies that produce optimal outcomes by seeking to understand the full situation.

About Oyo

OYA has created easy-to-use software for sales tax compliance to help small to medium sized businesses and CPA firms save time and money. We have automated our sales tax tools to evolve sales tax from being a burden to a task you can complete with a proven strategy, so you have peace of mind when it comes to your business decisions.

Increase Efficiency

Integrates with accounting and transaction tools so correct rates are communicated, stored, and applied where necessary. Automatically updates rates and rules in response to policy revisions or new legislation.

Reduce Costs

Avoid unnecessary fees and overpayment with accurate calculations and ongoing sales tax guidance. Track and apply sales tax exemptions for the appropriate times, products, transactions, or accounts.

Remove any Guesswork

Track sales tax rates and rules for all jurisdictions relevant to your products or services to avoid any unnecessary time and money spent.

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