The Registration Process

Registration is the first step in compliance with sales tax requirements for the states. Each state has different types of permits, requirements to register and fees charged to register, but the general process is similar.

The Process

  1. Before you register, make sure you have all business identifying information, like EIN, Tax ID and VAT. You will also need administrative information for business ownership, like names and addresses, and product information about what you sell.

  2. Go to the State’s Department of Revenue website. For links and state-by-state registration details, read Sales Tax Registration: State-By-State Information.

  3. Search the website’s Sales and Use Tax area for the link to register your business.

  4. Once complete, make note of any registration renewal requirements and create an automatic reminder for yourself in the future.

  5. Begin paying sales tax. As part of the permitting process, the state will determine how often you need to report and pay your sales tax and this, too, may vary by state.

To see where you need to register, start our Nexus Tracker.