Sales tax compliance for everyone

Sales tax compliance regulations are constantly changing. Take the guesswork out of completing your obligations with OYA. With a little information from you, a lot of regulations from them, and some powerful software, we help you comply with state-by-state sales tax.

Nexus Tracker 

Keeping track of where, when and what a nexus determination means for every single transaction is a lot. Use our Nexus Tracker to evaluate your transactions and identify sales tax obligations for every state, with easy-to-understand next steps that keep you up to date with payments and on track with future thresholds.


Business activities that can trigger Sales Tax Nexus include economic activity, having a physical brick-and-mortar presence in a particular state, remote employees or independent contractors, click-through nexus, affiliate relationships and other activities.

Investment : $150

Tax Tally

Determining the correct state and local sales tax with sales tax holidays, exemption certificates and constantly evolving rules is a lot of math for anyone. Use our Tax Tally to accurately calculate the right amount of tax to pay for each transaction. 

Investment : $50

Marketplace Monitor

Between spotty marketplace facilitator compliance and ever-changing state and local tax rules, making sure the right amount of tax is being collected and paid is challenging. Use our Marketplace Monitor to assess your transactions and make sure you're responsibility has not shifted to your marketplace.

Investment : $25